Chic Quiche; no more soggy bottom

A tökéletes quiche-ek világába vezet be Árgyelán Timi, az Alma Nomad Bakery péke és cukrásza, aki szakács karrierjét cserélte csodás süteményekre és kenyerekre.

I`m Timi Argyelan and I`m running Alma Nomad, a tiny bakery and cafe with my partner in Budapest since 2018. I started as a cook in professional kitchens but am now baking hundreds of pastries, cookies, cakes and breads in our cafe. All of our products are mostly baked with organic ingredients, alternative flours and low intervention ingredients, seasonal fruits and vegetables. We bake simple things with care that give people comfort and great satisfaction. Our products resemble comfort food, like a perfect slice of banana bread, a beautifully laminated buttery, almond croissant or a seasonal fruit galette.

Tanár: Árgyelán Timi, az Alma Nomad Bakery péke és cukrásza
Nyelv: magyar/angol
Kurzus időtartama: 3 óra